No idea where to begin when installing and setting up a website? This is the service for you! EDBM will install and configure the theme of your choice while you focus on other items on your to-do list!


Event Websites

No matter the size of your event, a personalized website provides additional information for your guests. Not only can you provide your guests with the tools they may need to make their experience more pleasurable, it’s also where you can share news, photos & updates.



EDBM offers a selection of designs to choose from. Once you’ve chosen the demo you’d like, EDBM will fully install the design, the content you’ve provided + any required or recommended plugins. All designs come with a basic package plan that includes hosting + *domain registration.



Once you’ve chosen a design, the necessary logos, favicons, menus, widgets & headers will be personalized for you. Fonts + colors can be altered & items can be added or removed. All designs are responsive, can be password protected & come with three email addresses.

Own Content

You provide EDBM with the details that need to be added. Think on date, location & time. Plus the photography you’d like to have on your site. I will provide you with guidelines & tips for this process. There are options for stories as well, it’s up to you how much you want to have on the page. It is also possible to include a blog if you’d like to document the days leading up to the event!

Options + Extras

There are many plugins available that may be helpful to you & or your guests. It is possible to use an RSVP plugin, gift registry, newsletter & much more.. I will assist you with finding the correct tools for your website. Contact forms can be customized for each item you’re requiring feedback from. Think on RSVP, song requests, diet or special needs requirements.

Eat Drink and Be Married Wedding BlogEat Drink and Be Married Wedding Blog

Beautiful Designs

EDBM has at the moment two live demos: Peonies & Blush & The Date. Behind the scenes there is a lot of hustling going on to provide new theme choices. There are many styles + types of weddings & special occasions. I want to provide designs that matches these types + styles! Though EDBM doesn’t make custom websites, it is aiming to provide a wide range of styles! Receive an announcement when a new demo goes live by signing up for the ‘new releases’ newsletter! See below

Responsive Design

All of the websites are responsive. This simply means the theme responds to the needs of the viewers & their devices, shifting the layout based on the screen size, resolution, & device capabilities. Your visitors will enjoy a more pleasurable experience when visiting your site if it is responsive

Available Packages


Basic Package

This package is mandatory with all designs, and the cost is €40,-.

In the basic package you will receive a year of hosting, *domain registration, up to three email addresses. Full installation and personalizing of the design you’ve chosen.

You’ll receive a guide that contains plugin recommendations, options, and in some cases additional charges for some third party plugins. The guide will also provide information on how to deliver the files and content needed to complete the website.

We’ll work together on getting the website to your liking, within the limits of the chosen design. After the initial revisions, you’ll have three additional revisions with no extra charges. Think on adding photographs, revising details, or adding a blog.

Next to the Basic Package, you have the option for a Service Package. The service package allows for unlimited revisions. It is also possible to pay for each revision outside of the Basic Package for a one time fee.

Designs range from *€40 to €80.

*the option of using a subdomain is possible, this brings down the price of your theme choice because no additional licenses need to be purchased.
For example instead of www.hername-hisname.nl it would be www.hername-hisname.emdb.nl

Service Package

For €50,- you can purchase a service package. This will allow for unlimited changes and revisions even if you’ve used your 5 additional revisions provided in the Basic Package. It could be used for revising details, adding or removing a plugin or entire section. There could be a registry you’d like removed or added, or maybe you would like to provide new information for out of town guests, like lodging and ‘things to do‘.

À la carte

If after your website is completed and you don’t think you’ll need any changes made only later to discover you’d like a section revised, added or removed, you could opt for paying for each revision. The fee for this is €15 per revision. If more than two items need to be revised there may be extra charges. This does not include any possible charges for a third party plugin.

Possible additions could be a blog, a photo gallery after your wedding day or adding a request form. Depending on when your Basic Package expires, you may need to extend your hosting.

extended hosting

You will receive a year of hosting with the Basic Package. If you would like to extend your hosting there are a few options. For €45,- you can renew for a year. It is also possible to extend per month for a fee of €12,- per month.

It could be that you’d like to share your wedding photography with your guests, either through a gallery or a link to your photographer’s website. Also your Honeymoon photographs, thank you messages and wedding application photographs can be added and remain available even after your Basic Package has expired.

Adding the above and similar elements to your website are included in the Service Package or can be payed for per revision.

available designs

Allevent website designwedding website design

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