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This demo offers the options of your wedding announcement, your stories, location details, internal pages, your bridal party, with special attention to the Master of Ceremonies, and lots more. Including a fun countdown! Though I don’t offer custom websites, elements may be added or replaced to this theme from the The Date demo, which can be found here, or from Peonies & Blush, here.

type of website:

January 2018

Wedding Website

 Brooke Cagle


  • personalized logo + more
  • responsive design
  • content slider
  • optional plugins inc. RSVP, contact forms + MailChimp integration
  • easy page navigation
  • bridal party + Master of Ceremonies
  • internal pages inc. page with video background + more!

01. Options

Adding sections

You can switch or add a section to this theme that is on any other demo you can find here on EDBM. Also feel free to tell me what you’d like and if it fits within the theme capabilities I can help create it for you. 

Adding a blog

Among other possible options, adding a blog is also possible. Perfect if you are looking to write about your adventures leading up to the big day!

Keep in mind that the website can be password protected.

More options available, you will receive a guide with information and options. You can also request the guide before purchasing. A FAQ page is also in the making! 

02. Pricing

Below are the prices of the theme and the mandatory Basic Package. The Basic Package description can be found here.

Seasode Design
*with full domain Ex.
Seaside Design Basic
Subdomain Ex.
Basic Package
Hosting, *domain registration, configuring website + more.

*registration is for some domain names only. See this page for more information or find out more in the shop,