The First Steps In Planning Your Dream Wedding

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Engaged? Congratulations! This guide will help you with the first steps of planning your wedding.
You’ll learn what it is you want, even if you thought you already knew! It is time to discover as a team what the two of you want. Discover your style, wishes and together plan the perfect wedding!

This brochure includes a three step Pinterest guide.


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Note: the file is .pdf.

3 reviews for The First Steps In Planning Your Dream Wedding

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    I love the idea of curating my boards. I'm going to do this. Big fan of VRB! Glad you're back to posting about wedding stuff again!
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      Hi Stephanie! Wow a VRB fan! More than 12 years ago?? I really think this is my niche. I have so much to share with couples that are just diving into a wedding. Especially the ones that want to make their wedding their own! Curating your boards is the best way to define your style and making things realistic. Pinterest is great, but it has it's downsides! Thanks so much for downloading the brochure! I'm going to bring out a 2.0 version soon! I'll get a newsletter going... still developing the site! I'm amazed at how many visitors and feel honoured when people leave me comments! Thanks so much for the review and kind words Stephanie! ♥ Micheile
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    5 if it was in Dutch too! Will there be a Dutch version? I want to read it with my soon to be mother in law! Take care Teresa! See you at the Woonbeurs this year??
    Rated 4 out of 5
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      Yes, only I have no idea what day I'm going. I haven't received any press passes. Looks like I'm going to be coming as a paying customer this year! Let me know what day you'll be there, maybe we can catch up with a coffee or something. Thanks so much for downloading the brochure. I am so surprised people are finding it!!!!!!!! I haven't even started promoting it. I really do enjoy this the most. Hope it turns out, anyway it's fun and I'm happy I've stumbled upon this genre again! It fits! Can't wait to see what you do at your wedding! Have you curated your boards yet? haha Take care and maybe we can meet up in October! xoxo (Teresa) Micheile
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        oh as for Dutch... uhmmm you know that means paying somebody to do it. My Dutch is really bad! I'm a visual person, not a writer!
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    Prachtig brochure boordevol inspiratie en praktische tips voor ieder bruidspaar dat buiten de gebaande paden wil trouwen. Super leuk ideeën (alleen jammer alleen in het Engels). Toch een aanrader voor iedereen die gaat trouwen maar dit niet op de traditionele manier wil doen!
    Rated 4 out of 5
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      Hi Renske, Thank you so much! Your words mean so much. They show me that I've gotten across what I wanted too!!!!!!!!!!! Years in this business and most weddings look the same. I'm so glad there is a fresh wind blowing through! Are you married? Engaged? Curious of course! It is interesting to me to find out how you found it and why you read it. ♥ Micheile
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        haha ik had ook gewoon in het N'lands kunnen schrijven. nou tja.. haha sorry! Groetjes!
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