Pantone Color of the Year

Greenery, always a favorite of mine and this year it was chosen as ‘color of the year’, by PANTONE. Everything about it is wonderful. Greenery gives so much softness to a wedding decor, and allows your favorite colors and blooms to dazzle.

Did you know the human eye see more shades of green than any other color?

So when they say greenery, they mean many shades which gives you many options.


Whether you add it into your floral pieces, or into  your wardrobe green is a stunning color and because of it’s diversity it can be added to any palette.

Do you have a favorite shade of green?

Whether you’re getting married in the woods, meadow, church or on a farm. Greenery adds a perfect touch to every wedding. It’s easy to work with, it often is very durable and many types even in warm weather manage to keep their form.

Ferns are a favorite of mine, leather fern (Rumohra adiantiformis), can be laid out over logs and or used on tables without water for quite a while. If it’s really warm out, they can easily be replaced by fresh pieces. I, as a florist would wait until about twenty minutes for the guests to arrive before laying out the fern (on hot days, otherwise earlier). I like to hang fern from string, providing a backdrop. This can also be done with other types of greenery. Your florist will help you with your questions, and provide you with tips & advice. I’ll come back with my own tips and advice, via a photo session and tutorial as soon as I’ve gotten further with the rest of the website.


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