Because I offer various services, I thought it would be a good idea to start a FAQ page. I offer wedding coaching at no charge, but offer a website service through a hosting provider. You may have a lot of questions. As I am writing pages, brochures I am discovering myself more and more things that I feel the need to clarify.  I’ll be adding continuously to this page. 

Below is a contact form you can use to send me questions that I haven’t addressed yet.

Domain registration doesn’t have to be .nl. Let me know what you’d like and I’ll see what is possible.
If you want your content in multiple languages or something other than English all you’ll need to do is provide me with the content. As for payments, the charges are in  EURO. Domain registration doesn’t have to be .nl. Let me know what you’d like and I’ll see what is possible.
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Yes! All websites come with up to three email accounts. If you need more let me know, this can be arranged.
The websites require the Basic Package which is for one year. You have the option of extending your package.
Categories: basic package, general
This is because the website is registered on the main domain of EDBM. This means that I can use the licenses that I have already purchased. With a full domain registration, licenses need to be purchased on demand.
I’ll show you two examples, one of each type. SUBDOMAIN www.subdomain.edbm.nl FULL DOMAIN www.fulldomain.nl
Yes. I work exclusively with a provider for the hosting and domain registration. If you have already purchased a domain, I can still use it, so no worries!
No. EDBM websites are a fully-managed web service, and not a product.
Yes, it is something most people opt for. Not only can you add a password, you can add multiple passwords for your guests and or Master of Ceremonies / Event Planner. Passwords can be created that must be changed, but you can also just decide on something and continue with it. Of course there are some restrictions for security reasons. For example your names won’t be allowed.